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Inside of each of your teeth is a pulpy, living part within the bone. This living tissue has the potential to become inflamed or infected. If not properly treated, it could die off and allow the infection to spread beyond the pulpy portion, damaging your entire tooth and ruining your smile. Avoid this by turning to us for a root canal!

Don't let an infection ruin your smile

Rely on the friendly and experienced team of dental professionals! You'll always be the priority when you call on us.

To properly eliminate the threat of infection, we drill through your tooth and remove the pulpy living tissue. We'll fill the hole with sealant and leave you with a tough and lasting tooth!

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How our root canal process works

Dr. Echols is an expert in root canals! While many general dentists handle some root canal procedures, a lot of them will refer more difficult cases to their endodontic partners. When you work with Dr. Echols, you'll be dealing directly with an expert in endodontic procedures! Trust our wealth of experience with related root canal disorders and diseases.

Trust our team with difficult cases

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