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Damaged teeth don't have to ruin your smile. Turn to our professionals and restore your grin! Crowns and bridges "cap" damaged teeth to give you a full smile again. Crowns are attached to individual teeth, while bridges are used to fill in gaps where entire teeth are missing. Bridges will be anchored to the healthy teeth on each side of the gap. In both cases, you'll gain a healthier and fuller smile!

Complete your smile

Make sure that you choose the very best dental professionals! You'll gain a more beautiful smile when you choose us.

First we remove the outer portion of your tooth to accommodate the crown. Next we will make an impression that is used to fabricate your final crown or bridge at a local laboratory. During this period, you will wear a comfortable resin temporary crown or bridge.


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 •  Restore teeth that don't have enough left of them to support a filling

 •  Protect weakened teeth from fracture

 •  Restore teeth that have already fractured

 •  Cover misshapen or discolored teeth

 •  Cover an implant

What can a crown or bridge accomplish?

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